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The first installation of the Corporate Fallout Detector took place in February 2005 at the transmediale.05 festval in Berlin. Three Corporate Fallout Detectors were loaded with data about companies selling products in Europe, and placed next to shelves of products common in German grocery stores. Gallery visitors used them to scan these items, along with lots of other items they found at the gallery.

The European dataset for the Corporate Fallout Detector was created trough an automated software process that combined data from the following databases:

www.gepir.org - Global barcode database
www.euroland.com - European stock market listings
www.ethicalconsumer.org - Corporate ethics database
www.eper.cec.eu.int - European pollution database
www.top500.de - List of top companies in Europe

Video coming soon!

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Funded (in part) by a Director's Grant from the Council for the Arts at MIT.